Reason For This Book


The Human Education Against Lies (H.E.A.L.) movement, is a self-construction movement designed to rescue humanity from the most lethal disease facing it: Common Sense Deficiency Syndrome (CSDS).

CSDS is the root of most of the world's social problems. AIDS (Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), crack addiction, racism, sexism, environmental terrorism, "pimp-ism", and imperialism are all encouraged and supported by CSDS. In fact, these anti-Human systems are symptoms of CSDS. Organized lying is the virulent base of CSDS and leads to the deceiving of the People causing the People to act insane to their Humanity.

Since the principal carriers of CSDS are the education, religious, and political systems, they are shaking in their boots at the possibility of being rocked by the H.E.A.L. movement. They are correct to be afraid because the H.E.A.L. movement plans to modify these institutions of lying.

The H.E.A.L. movement is currently coordinated by me, Zizwe Mtafuta-Ukweli (translation: one born in a foreign land searching for the truth) and KRS-ONE. H.E.A.L.'s first move was to launch an airwaves and literary offensive against lies unmatched by any other offensive in recent history. The first project of the H.E.A.L. movement was the production of a collaborative video and album by artists dedicated to the destruction of CSDS. These artists include: Kid Capri, Big Daddy Kane, L.L. Cool J, Freddie Fox, Harmony, M.C. Lyte, Queen Latifa, Ms. Melodie, Jam Master Jay, DMC, D-Nice, Chuck-D, Jonathan Demme, Ted Demme, Fab 5 Freddie, Pam Jenkins, Billy Bragg, Michael Stipes, Ziggy Marley, Simone, Ready Z and KRS-ONE.

Proceeds from that project financed the more important project of distributing millions of free books to the youth worldwide. These books expose and examine some of the most blatant lies forced down the throats of Humanity.

This first book, "Civilization Versus Technology", uncovers the most viscious lies put forth by the education and religious systems and replaces them with obvious common sense truths. Contributors to this book are: KRS-ONE, Simone, and Ready Z.

    Objectives of H.E.A.L.:
  1. Heal the minds of the People especially youth by providing true facts.
  2. Help build reasoning skills needed for human behavior rather than focusing on the sleep techniques of memorization.

Human Education Against Lies (H.E.A.L.) is a not for profit corporation and organization that promotes Human respect amongst Humanity by providing knowledge about Humanity.

The statement for 1992 is,

"Before you are
a race, a religion,
or an occupation
you are a Human.