Art Crimes: Utah 2

All artwork is © copyright 2007 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Utah 2.

From Basha:
basha_awesomex.jpg Basha basha_barsx.jpg Basha basha_baskinx.jpg Basha basha_hardx.jpg Basha basha_yellox.jpg Basha silver_biggsx.jpg Basha upsyx.jpg Basha

From Spreading the Disease magazine:
space_1x.jpg Space aster_fetis_resax.jpg Aster, Fetis, Resa

resa_82x.jpg Resa resa_flowersx.jpg Resa

aster_enzer_serum_resax.jpg Aster, Enzer, Serum, Resa

City Walls

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