Art Crimes: Victoria 13: Hype

All artwork is © copyright 2003 the artists, in Victoria, Canada. Photographs by Lee Glasgow . Please send comments, questions, and photo captions to and mention Victoria 13.

All these pieces were done by Hype:
vic_hype30x.jpg vic_hypex.jpg vic_hype_10x.jpg vic_hype_11x.jpg vic_hype_12x.jpg vic_hype_13x.jpg vic_hype_14x.jpg vic_hype_15x.jpg vic_hype_19x.jpg vic_hype_1x.jpg vic_hype_20x.jpg vic_hype_24x.jpg vic_hype_25x.jpg

vic_hype_16x.jpg Sper vic_hype_17x.jpg Sper vic_hype_18x.jpg Sper


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