Art Crimes: Victoria 16: Ghost

All artwork is © copyright 2003 the artists, in Victoria, Canada. Photographs by Lee Glasgow except the one marked. Please send comments, questions, and photo captions to and mention Victoria 16.

All these were done by Ghost (RIP) except as marked.

vic_ghostx.jpg vic_ghost_10x.jpg vic_ghost_11x.jpg vic_ghost_12x.jpg

vic_ghost_13x.jpg (cut photo) vic_ghost_15x.jpg vic_ghost_1x.jpg (cut photo)

vic_ghost_2x.jpg vic_ghost_3x.jpg vic_ghost_4x.jpg vic_ghost_5x.jpg vic_ghost_6x.jpg vic_ghost_7x.jpg vic_ghost_8x.jpg (cut photo) vic_ghost_9x.jpg vic_ghost_ksoex.jpg with Ksoe vic_ghost_memorial_by_sperx.jpg Ghost memorial by Sper vic_ghost_photo_by_sara_mox.jpg Ghost, photo by Sara Mor


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