Art Crimes: Victoria 21

All artwork is © copyright 2004 the artists, in Victoria, Canada. Photographs by Lee Glasgow except as marked. Please send comments, questions, and photo captions to and mention Victoria 21.

2003vic_ksoe_hype3x.jpg Ksoe, Hype

2003vic_ksoex.jpg Ksoe 2003vic_ksoe2x.jpg Ksoe 2003vic_ksoe_hypex.jpg Ksoe, ?, Hype

2003vic_listx.jpg Roll call vic_pesto2003x.jpg Pesto 2003vic_pesto_loksx.jpg Pesto, Vohs (Calgary) 2003vic_sper_x_cosetx.jpg Cker, Vile 8, Coset 2003vic_strike_stelth_setix.jpg Strike, Sins, Helper vic_type2003x.jpg Type vic_verse_hype20032x.jpg Verse, Hype vic_yawn2003x.jpg Yawn sure3victoria2004x.jpg Sure (photo by Sure)


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