VRS Crew

Artwork © copyright 2012 the artists. Photos from VRS Crew, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Please send corrections to yo@graffiti.org and mention VRS 1.

These were painted in Guadalajara, Mexico, except as marked.

See it biggest
Reten, Frase, Sekir, Peque

See it biggest
Arre, Reten, Frase, Mibe, Peque



Fixe, Jazor, Arre, Dark, Frase, Rock

Reten, Jazor, Fixe

Arre, Apio, Reten, Frase, Peque, Seak (Germany) - in Guadalajara

Arre, Peque, Reten - in Salamanca, Mexico

Arre, Reten, Frase


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