Art Crimes: War Art

Given the state of world affairs in March 2003, we have made this place for war murals and other graffiti artist war reactions. If you'd like to send something in, please send JPG images to with information about who, where, and when (and if not Iraq, which war).

The images shown here are copyright © the artists.

From London: "No War" by: Zarjaz, Skire, Frame, Erase, Crack15, Busk, Mute & Ikie.

Frame and Erase (London)

fear_shok1_drephx.jpg Fear (Tony Likes You Scared) by Shok1 and Dreph (England) 2002.

"Paris against war" (the mayor asked them to paint this at the mayor's house) by Oedipe, Bears, Ioye (VMD), Lazoo and Kongo (MAC) in Paris, France.

The panoramic view

no_war_sydney032003ax.jpg March 18, 2003.
Sydney Opera House hit by protesters (article)
"British astronomer Dr Will Saunders, 42, and Australian David Burgess, a 33-year-old environmental campaigner from Bucketty, NSW, were charged with malicious damage and 'climbing a structure and painting it'. The malicious damage charge carries a maximum penalty of 5 years jail. Dr Saunders, who has lived in Sydney for three years, has also been detained by police under the Migration Act."

swarm7x.jpg by Swarm (Australia)

IBS crew, Sydney Australia 2002

Tash, Mallorca Spain

See Katfive's video piece (QuickTime) (USA)

Claw and Miss 17, Los Angeles USA

Zen & Mirscon, Italy

"Make Jokes Not War" by PJ, Amsterdam

Runer, Poland

For more information, articles and links about war in Iraq, see our news section, The Bench and United For Peace. See also murals about 9/11 (September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US).



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