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All artwork is © copyright 2011 the artists. Photos by Wildboys, from Naples, Italy. Please send corrections to yo@graffiti.org and mention Wildboys 2.

True Skills Jam "Rap wall" Pencil, Resone, Wany, Beps, Zedz, Sparki, Boost, Bans, P azol, Entiks, Kcis, Deam - Milan, Italy 2011

True Skills Jam "Disco wall" - Duke103, Wert, Phantom, Nedo, Coze, Sobek, Opium, Skolp, Gasone, Respo, What, Sago - Milan, Italy 2011

True Skills Jam "Disco wall" - Rotas, Oneman, Mind, Ike - Milan, Italy 2011

True skills jam "Reggae wall" - Impo, Tres, Spra, Reeno, Zeuser, Swet, Miedo12 - Milan, Italy 2011

Shula, Rota, Resone, Pencil - Toulouse, France

Zeuser, Rota - Naples, Italy

See it biggest
Opium, Zeuser, Rota - Antwerp, Belgium


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