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All artwork and images © copyright 2004 Won.ABC, Munich Germany.

Buy his dope comic book, Color Kamikaze, in Europe at Amazon and fine hiphop stores or at Last Gasp USA. Available in English or German.

Pieces about the Gulf War and the war in Iraq in 2003:
warhat_2_gulfwar_1991_wonx.jpg warhat_gulfwar_1991_wonab1x.jpg wonsantaloveskidsirak2003x.jpg

Here are some sculptures he's been working on in 2004:
won_abc_2000_6smallx.jpg won_abc_butterfly4x.jpg won_abc_capfillin1x.jpg won_abc_polyzombie2lowx.jpg won_abc_voodoo3x.jpg

In Sri Lanka, during 2003, Won painted the wall of a prison and a couple of very strange vehicles:
k_y_prisonwon1x.jpg prison_k_y_wonx.jpg sri_lanka_prison_k_y_2003x.jpg sri_lanka_tuc_tuc_trinco2x.jpg sri_lanka_tuc_tuc_trinco6x.jpg sri_lanka_tuc_tuc_wonabc2x.jpg sri_lanka_tuc_tuc_wonabcx.jpg


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