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Let me introduce myself.
I paint under the name "The Bad Wow 123" Aka "Bed" and represent the following groups:

WB (Wild Boys) since 1994
ES (Evil Sons) since 1993
TAG since 1988
UNS since 1998
Stick Up Kids since 2000
Kesselbande since 1999

I started painting when I got 14 years old, that is: I'm painting for over 10 years by now. I never had a break in this time but was painting continuously. I belong to the hard core here in Bremen (my respect for those who have been with us since then and equally for those who have joined us meanwhile and contribute to our work in the scene - I don't feel like saying anything more about the 'scene' in Bremen). No comment!

If ever you have the chance to get to Bremen, make up your minds yourselves.

I left my traces in the following towns...

I like travelling and this experienced hip hop in a very special way. I see hip hop from a global view. I know there's a big family outside - worldwide!

I used to be attracted by the worlds of characters and only occasionally painted styles. I did styles of couse too, but it was 7 years later after my first visit in New York in 95 that I got a closer relationship to styles. I must say, I get a lot of fun out of making war in the world of letters.

My personal message is: respect the old school writers for what they have done and what they doing still, but support the newcomers, who have understood what it is all about and who are conscious of the heritage. They are the ones who decide over our future. And youshould know that one can't buy 'knowledge'. Follow your dream of a style - what way ever. Hip Hop world wide. Keep it alive. Peace.

Thanks for all who featured me up to now.

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