Art Crimes: Zender

All images on this page are © copyright 2004 Zender, from Los Angeles, California. Send caption corrections to and mention Zender 1.

zender_2003x.jpg Zender One in Northern Ireland

Zender with many others - Crenshaw wall.

Zender and Keo Visions Crew (character with mic) - JuicyBeats (Formerly Al's Bar)

zender_noguns1x.jpg Zender and Pryer - Howthorne

"Revelations 6" by Zender, Rick, Extro K2S, Zuco, K4P, Siner, LTS, Jex, and Scud, Visions Crew.

zender_tacotecocarx.jpg Zender, Sano

zenrobotprodx.jpg Zender One - East LA

zenshanrickx.jpg Zender, Rick, Shandu, Kofie (background)

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