Art Crimes: Zurich 15

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"Massaker" From Ice of Emity, at the Neuenhof/Wettingen bridge, near Zürich:
icerocx.jpg Rocket D, The Ice Of Emity, (Iceroc)

1t_1x.jpg Drax, Reason, Werk (One Truth)

1t_2x.jpg Ster, Stock, Senor (One Truth)

1t_3x.jpg Pase, Serio (One Truth)

aim_1x.jpg Push (Pure), Jones, Moes, Disk

aim_2x.jpg Tizer, Ave, Amik

Tiis, Ömer, Hon, 626 Crew, Gohes, Droe

111x.jpg The Ice Of Emity, ?, Onel,

222x.jpg Desan, Titzer

333x.jpg Push (Pure), Moes, Disk

444x.jpg Jones, Sabe, Shep, Duen

fero_2x.jpg The Ice Of Emity, Rocket - Ferro wall in Baden


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