Art Crimes: Bridgeport 5

All photos © copyright 2002 the artists. Photos thanks to Sket One (connectors) and others. The "Every Bode Get Up!" Jam (also on Bridgeport 4) was held June 22, 2002 at Fame City in Bridgeport, CT, to honor the comix king Vaughn Bode (pronounced bo'-dee, rhymes with "roadie"). His son, Mark Bode attended. The large images of the connectors are 150-400k.

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Hi Cru and BLT crew: Reo, Seme, Prim, Rage, Drift, Eros, Swerm and Sket,

rage-bodex.jpg Rage

Pase, Swift, Wizart, Statz, Jew

wizart-bode2002x.jpg Wizart statz-bodex.jpg Statz 2002bptcheechx.jpg Zie

doc-bodex.jpg Doc revolt2002x.jpg Dr Revolt

Zen (Slice), Ink, Irais, Leiah, Soaf, Idea (Jas?), Pheam, Jive, Jaket


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