Art Crimes: Bulgaria 1

These images © copyright 2006 the artists. Photos courtesy of Andrey Rusev. These pictures are from Bulgaria's 3rd Meeting of Styles in May 2006, in Varna. Please send caption corrections to and mention Bulgaria 1.

mos_varna_bulgaria06_logox.jpg mos_varna_bulgaria06_#42384.jpg Sat (Germany)

mos_varna_bulgaria06_#42386.jpg Peeta (Italy) mos_varna_bulgaria06_#42388.jpg Joys (Italy)

mos_varna_bulgaria06_#4238A.jpg Made (Italy) mos_varna_bulgaria06_#4238C.jpg Nasimo

mos_varna_bulgaria06_06bx.jpg mos_varna_bulgaria06_#42390.jpg
Arno, Bas, Mysa, Xrome, Funne

mos_varna_bulgaria06_08bx.jpg Bois mos_varna_bulgaria06_09bx.jpg ? mos_varna_bulgaria06_010bx.jpg


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