At Home in the Dark

Buford Youthward

There is something uniquely essential about darkness. Take away the sunshine and everything is composed in degrees of gray. Please don't mistake the absence of light for romance. Nothing is romantic about sweat and fear. The production of graffiti only happens after the sun has set.

Perhaps organizing your thoughts in the dark is the basis of the organic school of modern graffiti. And perhaps through the process of this organization we realize style and we learn how to subsume identity and splash it upon the environment.

The process is the message. Definitions exist in action and the outcome of the action is the residue left to affect the world. What some erroneously label as art actually stands separate. Graffiti is produced for graffiti's sake, not art's sake. The by-products of graffiti (web sites, 'zines, videos, etc.) can never replace the bona fide invention. After all, when the sun comes up, graffiti is beyond documentation.

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