by Buford Youthward

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Fugitive Intention
Famous Monsters Part 15 The Monster Reawakens
Trust the Rust
Social Seizure
Saké in the Sun
Inert Apocalypse
Famous Monsters 14: Cry of the Monster
Radiation Gumdrops
Lunar Landscape
Abstract Depressionism
Scars and Debris
Nothing Saying
Wasted Time
Ash Can Replica
Magic Imagination
A Mind for Crime
Famous Monsters Part 13: Thirteen Warnings
Flake and Shake
Art School Drop Out
Radio Waves
No New Secrets
New School Villains
Trespassers Delight
Ghost of Graffiti
Barstool Wisdom
Divine Design
Famous Monsters Part 12: A Dozen Damnations
Adagio for Stringers
Savage Yawp
Bleeding the Legend
Born Under a Bad Sign
Layered Lullaby
High Haiku
Graveyard Gambit
Deep Breath
Sins of Reverb
Strawberry Blunt
Lords of Tomorrow
Famous Monsters Part 11: Strange Desires
Ten Thousand Hour Passion
Mean Spirits
Hanging with Gods
Dance of the Cobras
Fists and Whiskey
The Brink of Eternity
Report from the Abyss
Knowledge, Belief, Meaning
Moonstruck and Misshapen
Crystal Palaces of the Mind
Famous Monsters Part 10: Vampire Rebuff
Undermined Happiness
Throwing Bricks
Reflecting Fire
Butterscotch Blues
Monster Minute
Snide Remark
Brutal Detachment
Virtuoso Gumbo
Dance with You
Stolen Self-Esteem
Pop Rock
Famous Monsters Part 9: Beasts of Frequency
Nocturnal Promises
Wild Monkey Moon
Rebel Plan Sequence
Sugar Drip
Packaged Stimulus
Burning Nuances
Plastic Dreams
Blue Eruption
Art Versus Evil
Early Eighties R&B Romance
Famous Monsters Part 8: The Bride of the Monster
Aerosol Complex
Capital Vice
Cardinal Virtues
Celebrity Bookmarks
To Catch A Predator
Digital Blasphemies
Lunar Cooling
Hero Worship
Living the Low Life
Sweet Taboo
Mad Fits of Lust
Famous Monsters Part 7: Revenge of the Creature
Blues For Pluto
How To Handle a Heat Wave
Pulp Rebellion
Merchants of Menace
Teenage Love Affair
Constitution of Conflict
Frenzy in the First World
My Funny Valentine
Wallpaper Rage
Romancing the Medium
Public Sentencing
Famous Monsters Part 6: Demonic Testimony
Love letters in the Sand
Catch Mad Tags
Mission Control, Do You Copy
Graffiti Gods Gettin' Real Gone
Masking The Way To The Top
Magnetic Field Menaces
Character To Go
Shades of Meaning
Freeing a Frozen World
The Devil's in The Details
Noises for November
Famous Monsters Part 5: Godzilla of Terror
Static Idols
Mildly Buzzed
Shockwaves of Identity
Lifestyles of the Sensational
Letter From Home
Today's Earthquake, Tomorrow's Landscape
State's Evidence
Life in the Fourth Dimension
Subway Tunnel Of Desire
Anxieties Up My Sleeve
The DMZ of Love
Famous Monsters Part 4: Voodoo Masks For The Uncivil
Exercise for the Reader
Slaughter of the Disaffected
Truth in the Empire
File Under Mild
The Cycle of Disillusionment
Words of Pain
Osmosis of Existence
Crimes of Non-Consequence
Dysfunction in the Dark
Instant Schizophrenia
Jivin' on Time
Famous Monsters Part 3: Invasion of the Soul Scientists
A Time for Tone
Toxic Shock
History's a Buff
Prayer for the Ages
Guilty as Charged
Fortune Cookie For The Soul
The Sound of One Can Spraying
Graffito Ergo Sum
Same New Year, Same Old Gimmick
The Graffiti Writer's Cookbook
Absent Without Leave; Present But Not Accounted For
Famous Monsters Part 2: Breaking the Wings of the Butterfly
Hip City Blues
Seize the Context
All Myths Reserved
False Static
The Pursuit of Beauty
A Question of Aesthetics
Sporting Times
Graffiti Non-Appreciation: The 12-Step Program
Shock Troop of Excellence
Famous Monsters
Gushy Promises In The Sunshine
Something Aqua Torquoise and UF Black Today, This Way
Rebel Angels Rejoice
Unhip for Hip Hop Part II
Exposure for Moderns
Unhip for Hip Hop Part I
At Home in the Dark
Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate
Graffiti is for Daredevils
Graffiti is Poetry and Science

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