Lifestyles of the Sensational

Buford Youthward

We are creatures of sense. Desiring to mark matters, behaviors, people as being full of (or not) nonsense. So we pass judgment and judgment passes us. The arrogance is overwhelming.

It makes more sense to maintain humility. Modesty and reticence are not character flaws. There is a difference and diffidence between making sense and passing judgment.

Referencing the senses provides comfort. It's always an easy home base. Critical thought doesn't always take to vapid, reckless, senseless turnabout.

I'm not sure if passing criticism is the same as imposing morality. The argument asserts that democracy and federation are odd antonyms.

Over four years of correspondence and I'm still senseless in nature, censored for flavor. Don't be mad if emotional honesty outshines technical brilliance. It's all voodoo doll imagery kidnapped, cut and capered onto cool cluttered styles.

I do my best to keep services rendered, tender paid. Jumping for all get out with the hope to be forgiven posing like I'm trying to care. No fortune teller could have foretold all the glimpses of freedom that have been stretched before me, make no mistake, I've made my mind up, although it may not have made sense.

The price tag for living the lifestyle of the sensational is trendy. You can't get past the checkpoint without the risk of ink detonation. Shoplifting information for information's sake is the golden rule in the twenty-first century.

However, the risk stares us in the face. The penalty, the perjury is enormous. Truth and hurt collide in syncopated intervals. Do not believe promises of romance or any romance of promises.

Shift gears accordingly, but be aware. Beware. Living for our senses may mean dying for our shame.

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