Byline: Plastic Dreams

Buford Youthward

Of course keeping your overhead low and crashing and burning are diametrical opposites.

It's all good taken in the right context(s). But like everyone knows seeing, hearing, feeling and tasting are different kinds of stuff.

Show no shame in your tastes. Prejudice is the only guide. Besides, business is always good with propositions that deal in passing judgment before understanding.

Stories and characters exist for their own narration. That's what the myths say. At least to me. So sculpt some stunt with some spray paint and maybe make something meaningful worth saying. That's all I'm trying to say or maybe something like that some long time ago.

Right now there's no looking back. Especially when you're trying to channel a mad rhythm for a decent night's pay. I'm not painting right now. But I'm not forgetting how.

Like every good graff head, I'm just trying to get by on my good looks.

But that's what looking out does for you. So I still hit up with sincere passion making sure that my perfect fifth locks in on the one with the tonic.

Images are always trying to be cast as cool and cool things cast as image by kids with suspect skills displaying the heart to show up. Coming to odds with your identities is child's play.

Let the circus begin and get in the fortune telling business for yourself. But a career in the arts is nothing more romantic than form 1099.

We all have to find out if there are better ways to descend and sexier personifications of danger to live up to. Deciding the best way to put something behind you by putting it in front of you is one avenue to pursue.

That's been a stock front of mine for some time. Although you can catch me refusing to follow blindly in low lands with high things from time to time.

Then again, I'm not always right. Stay tuned and I'll let you know if all my plastic dreams come true.

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