Byline: Art Versus Evil

Buford Youthward

Carving with synthetic mechanisms, producing sounds and shapes with the authority of stone, waves and frequencies surround our earthly cell.

Understanding the knowledge of connection within the context of separation makes us better people.

All successful hustlers have the soul of an artist, journeying to the end of the night, hearts filled with hope, hands filled with grime. Creative business always follows the craftiest of arts.

Those in deviant precincts know cops can lie better than you can think as they set off for some stimuli that makes the sensation stick then settle in with said substances to soothe the system's sting.

Basing virtue on the dogged and indiscriminate application of effort, making a lot out of a little, wraps madmen around cans of metallic chrome. Cats with fat caps seek self-expansion in the face of self-deception forever forsaking flat black and gloss white.

Recorded music, digitized archives and last years' lost loot become long distance love affairs. But good things happen when echoes from the source refuse to sour.

Art versus evil and get's its can kicked cold, counted out on the canvas, sporting an abstract expressionless gaze and black, blue and burnt sienna bruises.

Don't be fooled. They really are old friends. They go back like ancient heart attacks, selling services to each other and fornicating mutual disgust.

The desire to connect is in everyone's game plan. Passengers make passage scratching signs on the walls of the internet, self administering dosages of affluence and anxiety while finding ways to kill the things they love.

Art is a lonely thing. High adventures and epic vacancies await all gamers looking to escape or create narratives they are forced to live up to.

But even the king of outcasts knows living for oneself has its price and we can't avoid feeling overcharged when we're ignored by the ones we adore.

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