Life in the Fourth Dimension

Buford Youthward

The minute you write, you make history. Graffiti can change the world about as much as it can change a life. It's much bigger than art. Art can never be earth shattering.

The history of art is linked to religion and commissions. The story of art is the story of compliance. Art, like law, is crime without punishment, doodling with credentials.

Graffiti is much deeper, less schooled. Graffiti is based on fortuity, not commission. To be conscious of graffiti you must understand relationships of perception, deception, abuse and substances. Unrest, exaltation, torment, thirst for adventure, despair, all elements with inevitable link, are linked to graffiti.

Fortune is the thing of robber barons and pirates. There is no fortune in graffiti, it's all corrupt, a backwards value enterprise. Systems of ego project wills and wants. Wallets fund projects that catalog egos. Unfortunately, fortune and fortuity do not always share the same bed.

At what point are you willing to accept satisfaction? Face resignation? All things worth loving at some point must be abandoned. Even your very breath. Demand more or less of your ego as your heart desires.

To see is to hear, to taste to feel. Pictures provide the ability to improve hearing. It's all about learning to read your subject, absorb your medium. Make up the madness. Understanding is always a multilevel, multisensory exploit.

Living in the fourth dimension takes place when you walk and realize you are standing still, when you sleep you are moving. The earth rotates -- it only shatters between your ears. Reality is madness, learned and accepted, like any bureaucracy and social construct.

Let's doodle on top of the credentials. Piss on will, laugh at the compliant. Create your mark, take your mark. Get set. Undergo.

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