Byline: Living the Low Life

Buford Youthward

And living up to it honestly.

In all projects: there is the vision and the details. If you have the vision and give attention to the details: that's a formula for success. It's simply a bit more than just giving a shit.

Ultimately we come to the computer to shake the edge off. Whether we're gliding through the internet or crafting the great twenty-first century novel, the medium of computer technology addresses many human wants.

For certain, enjoyment and diversion aren't solely derived from monitors, keypads and software. Spray cans got cool rhythm.

Triggered responses feel comfortable. Knowing what you get is what expectation is about. Subverting expectation is charismatic so long as the subversion isn't for the sake of itself.

But staying alive to survive and subvert for another day means to keep moving on.

And living is a good thing in a world where dead souls dance across digital jet streams. And I do mean that with the greatest respect and reverence.

Dante had not thought death had undone so many in his inferno. But Poe puts it in perspective, pushing to ride, boldly ride.

Death like honor demonstrates itself. And for that we are what we are.

Presidents, kings, demons alike. Waking up with the intestinal fortitude to make a cultural impact sometimes means one must negate the political. But it's all good.

And just as cleverness is serviceable for everything, and sufficient for nothing, all mediums become mimics of themselves, never ending time machines that serve to lurk and haunt. It's all about servicing the service industry.

We always read fortune cookies too late. That's what makes them beautiful. Fortune tellers tell tales twice told. Finding that out is the tricky part. I googled integrity and found the experience without much virtue. Honestly.

But, ah, to life and living. Especially when bad boys get good deserts.

Perhaps e.e. cummings says it best

How do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death

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