Byline: Snide Remark

Buford Youthward

A clear mind and a mad soul in an electric metropolis can get you so far.

Guile and grand passions govern the ungovernable, posing as victims of the rules. Criminals pretend they're cowboys but they're just daydreamers, searching for dependence, surrender and love, acting out a physical reaction to emotional situations.

Human engineering seeks to merge our reptilian and primate brains in order to gain movement, memory, hope and desire. But a greater need to fulfill a sense of agency oversees all practice.

Replacing ammunition and rumination with resolution, the tagger finds redemption in the creative act. These masterminds know activity and production are not the same and massive ideas like motion and consciousness swim in the ubiquity of existence.

Emotion marks belief. Still, it's often hard not letting words get in the way of what has to be said. Finding the words that want saying is no easy task.

The subtext and flirtation with mystery and ambiguity, like ritual, myth and legend, are used as substitutes or vehicles for deeper meaning. Events always have multiple meanings and interpretations. The story is often better than the action.

Saying your own truth then shutting up is the best advice for the haphazard. Before doing so, get your fingers around the form first.

Cold, broken hearted heroes face despair and triumph over the original and familiar. Characters in action seek the potential for grace while coming to grips with frontal lobe information.

Blood and bone, nerve and tissue, forgotten longing and unknown events are the foils of mankind. True entertainment is human transformation enveloped in a structure of revelation.

Secrets unfold before your eyes beyond snide remarks and spray paint marks. If you're lucky, temptation and salvation won't be taken out of context when you're fixed in far flung metropolitan misadventures.

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