Byline: Trespassers Delight

Buford Youthward

Forgive the trespassers.

They may know what they do but are only guilty of finding themselves alienated from a world of alienation.

The trespassing is just a way of passing time, finding something to do when the world offers nothing but conformity with little comfort.

Tolstoy tells us boredom is the desire for desires. To overcome, I sometimes ride rigid forms impeding transmission. Getting rough and edgy isn't about smooth sailing. Friction is the basis of everything creative.

Time has no meaning. The moment is the message. Eternity exists when you can isolate one second, the expanse opens wide and everything is frozen. All emotion, all feeling, all guilt, hurt, grief and gravity are gone.

The nature of existence is now and never. We fabricate ourselves into a fable, a myth of acceptance. This is necessary in order to help us get to the next day, survive another sunset.

Anyone who cannot leave the past behind can stay back with it, a need to release a great fear of foreclosure forecloses all feeling and an eventual triumph of will and spirit, imagination and possibility portends across our courage, brain and heart.

A tornado may take your home today but not the world of tomorrow. Fear not for a cross city transfer provides transference and transformation.

The search for something that already exists within oneself requires a full circle journey. When you get what you want it's never what you thought.

Thinking and feeling are often in conflict. Intellect is the enemy of emotion, not technology. So use your tools to tell your tale but find a way to not let the tools get in the way.

I refuse to allow my wounds to make me become someone I'm not and delighting in my daily trespasses keeps forgiveness within reach.

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