All Myths Reserved

Buford Youthward

There is nothing that we can do to prevent future documentation from being any different than it is now. History is, of course, what you make of it. It's an investment decision. The only myths worth passing down are the ones that haunt us. False gestures ensure the quagmire.

Spectral sounds and images are marginal echoes in the shadows, hollowed out versions of current emptiness stinging our present and almost always eluding favor from liberal arts professors and textbooks.

Modern times require man to live by bread and circuses alone. Any interpretations of law contradicting human nature are ultimately unenforceable.

Human nature requires graffiti. It is one of our humanities. If one assumes the theory that mankind is programmed for self destruction, a subscription as true now as it ever was, that indeed we are doomed to forever being our own worst enemy, we must acknowledge the purpose of graffiti to act as an encapsulation of this dilemma.

Graffiti places destruction and imposition in neat packages of creation and sacrifice. When examined under these terms, graffiti stands on the same ground as fine painting, poetry or any of our other treasured humanities.

Perhaps graffiti is greater. For how many of the humanities (or sciences for that matter) offer pronouncement and denouncement entwined. Frequently, when I search for these characteristics I find the lot bankrupt.

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