Byline: Magnetic Field Menaces

Buford Youthward

All nations be warned. Persons of interest are among you. Suspects are kept in suspense while liberation is in a state of flux.

Citizens of the state in a state of dismay display sequences out of step, skipping on the off beats looking for the pick up notes.

Adjectives are failing us. Critical licenses are being revoked wholesale, journalistic rights are a farce. Civilization is free as long as liberty is a privilege. Gasoline and taxes take their toll. Premiums have their price. Staying lead free is out of the question.

Exhaust and exhaustion swell. It's hard to paint on walls and not feel numb. Writers write, musicians muse, gods glow. Somewhere in between the madness it all makes sense.

Trying to keep your name respected within whatever magnetic field you may be menaced in is in these days. It's cool to think your way past questions, it's much richer than being given the answers.

Mythology and nostalgia are personal decisions. It's what you make it. Websites can't replace ego, no matter how many jpegs are embedded. The world can't fall apart when your mind is on your heart and your heart is on your mind.

The way you walk is more important than the path you take. Getting there is bullshit, looking good is the deal. Calibration counts less than countenance, just as the best music will never sell well.

Jingles in the system are on cue in the queue. Senator Whiplash snaps his finger signaling the time. Soldiers sound off cool cadences under hot suns. History isn't original enough for new packaging.

Melancholy whitewash blankets the past like whispered melodies. Media manufacture memory captured on fractured frequencies. The rotation won't be stilled, can't be stilled not when every cat is hypnotized. Present company included.

Graffiti writers cast great shadows in three dimensions. The tendency to gravitate toward catwalks is contagious. No felonious monk could perpetrate more purposefully. Culture is out of the question.

Trespassers and shoplifters of the world unite. Take stock of your stock caps and spread the cool news. All citizens of the state in a state of suspense. Persons of interest among you. Be on the lookout.

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