Byline: Aerosol Complex

Buford Youthward

Things that exist as effect do not deserve to be principle in the world of design and in the design of the world.

Yet we are swayed by the complex, forsaking the simple for the composite, the overblown outline, the shiny glare or the intricate 3-D. Aerosol effects create crutches for the visionless despite well meaning.

It's one thing to paint what you see another thing to paint what you feel. We can't taste or hear images but we can still dream in between subway stations.

The salty and profane sacrifice the world to gain a soul but cool cats find better ways to shine in low lights and bask in the eons of space and time.

We know who our enemies are, staring back from plates of mirrored glass, coming to terms with the bargains we made and gambled away. Taking a deep breath we get ready for the arrival of the speak-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace moment.

Unresolved friendships grow bitter when better moments mean to happen. But these things can get complicated.

Times are tough for sub prime premiums. Golden rulers hold the gold and make the rules ensuring the crimson cascade washing across the desert sand isn't diluted with their own blood.

Improvised explosives detonate in harmony as a combatant melody and rhythmic stir creates grand paralinguistic productions.

Savage confessionals in strange places play against phony social backdrops that we've all witnessed at some point. It's like they say, no one remembers their conformities, only their rebellions.

Simplifying the complex and complicating the simple are the trademarks of heads adapting to clouded times. To love and steal in the age of the internet has everyone clamoring to ride the surf but if everyone were on the crest, there'd be no waves.

Besides, the internet will be attacking you for the rest of your life. You might as well attack back.

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