Byline: New School Villains

Buford Youthward

The absurdity of life provides no epic fail.

It's all part of the mix, the ups, downs and turnarounds welcome an uncontrollable cycle.

I've learned passion and work ethic are more important than vision or imagination. Every influence may provide a lesson, every moment may have its reason but the unreasonable sometimes governs circumstance.

My engine's runnin', my guitar's strummin' while I'm gunnin' for somethin' new comin'.

Hanging with creatures bent on chemistry is no shock for this warlock. My moon rattles like fragments of angry candy.

My boys stand tall while another coffin is lowered in the ground and tobacco takes another kid.

New school villains beat their chest, storm the gate but fail the test. Women and song did in the best, devil and drink did in the rest.

Coffee and hamburgers, pizza and wine give nutrition to the malnourished. And this kid is looking hard for a quick get up.

I get out and out of my own way. Face the day then check in. We start out noticing things but are not aware of them. The older you get you tend to become more aware of things you noticed, which now become the things you thought you noticed.

The process defines itself. Don't think otherwise. But don't take my word for it. I'm just another lonely soul set out to let go. Connected and alone, I jones for another set of bones.

I get static for a minute but somehow, someway find something to say. A million words get in the way. I still invest.

And confess.

There is no absurdity in death's success.

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