Byline: Famous Monsters 14: Cry of the Monster

Buford Youthward

Creation is escape, the narcotic of existence.

There's a burn that has a form with our name on it. Not knowing what we need let alone want, our search begins in earnest.

Trying so hard to be smart by knowing what you're dumb at and dumbing down on the smart ass kid who thinks with his mouth open too much is a game for too many tomorrows.

Get yourself a collection of necks, undertake moon dipped rituals and only judge the greatness of an artist by the extent you can rip their stuff off.

A parasitic formula is required for the sake of the species. The darkness surrounds us. We must test the limits of what constitutes a riot.

It was love, it was love. That caused him to become undone.

Every monster has their cry.

The hiss of the city seeps its system in you. The disease is seized upon by its bitter enemies and false friendships. Keep on the peep for mission creep.

I don't doubt nor dispute anyone's deposition or disposition no matter all the deep digging into humor, shock, narrative and hypnotic voice.

A troll's gonna troll, a heart's gonna roll, a bell's gonna toll.

Writing good songs does not guarantee success but not writing good songs guarantees failure. So let your song sing but don't settle on singing just any song.

Strain and feedback is desired and required by discerning designers who can't decide between the important and the immediate.

Writing increases your future by willing imagination. In your own voice, create a world you hope to hell no one else can imagine.

Delay the destruction until you can create an escape. Feed the monster first then flee.

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