Byline: Adagio for Stringers

Buford Youthward

Sometimes drift is easier than decision. Daydreamers delay guilt, go guileless under skies so blue.

Winds and rain refuse such luxury and we are reminded that obstacles are great aphrodisiacs. We battle our boulders then pause to reflect.

A man stares into the sun. He thinks aloud, what shall I become?

No man who looks upon himself as a thing and bases his existence on the support of some reified attribute of this thing has found himself and his place in life.

When your hallucinations turn into illuminations, it's time to get on another track.

Servants of the spirit, prisoners of the organization describe their mission in glowing terms. Every once in a while the glow and the reality match up.

Be thankful for the discounts but still keep in touch with the sources of life, let's not lose ourselves in its temporary vehicles.

We will always have the choice of dealing with poverty or with the poor. Staying confined has its freedom. Designing something big has more limits than designing something small.

It always comes down to age-old adages and adagios. Where you can't control rats soon you'll have riots.

Don't get too fascinated with yourself just because you're good at making objects that cast projections of multiple meaning. It's not hard to do that.

We neglect the answers to life and become more interested in trying to remember the questions we had once asked of life but now have forgotten.

Forgive me for wondering if history is nothing more than moving old bones from one place to another. I am only trying to honor what I hold dear.

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