Something Aqua Torquoise and UF Black Today, This Way

Buford Youthward

Welcome to your medium. Hot, Cold, Warm, Cool. Whatever the wash whatever the wear. You are what you were. Deny your youth, deny the truth. What good is a little misguided, mispent when you're left with nickels instead of pennies. Forgive the fallen. Count your blessings, count your toes. Remember that everything comes out in the wash a bit unraveled and faded, if also cleaner smelling. Feel your world shrink to fit. You can dress up but you can't hide. Only the clothing changes.

Chorus 2.5

Owning one's outcome, not-withstanding, how come the competent, complete assumption of risk associated with our form of space seizure procures a dignity and pride compromise on par with pornography?

You are what you were. Hmmm. Indeed, product does become manifest.

The struggle with color, Ahh. My favorite part. Some nice Electric Blue askin' some respect of Day-Glo Orange. Insert a nice flat black shell, seal it up with some semi-gloss white. Know your paint and then unknow it. Colors fade and never bleed. The wear doesn't come out in the wash.

Add some early Miles-Coltrane and stir. Whatever you drop makes a spot, so watch out because it doesn't wash out. It may fade by means of sand gun or sun, but the memory remains to stain past yesterday's refrain.

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