Today's Earthquake, Tomorrow's Landscape

Buford Youthward

Image and representation are the codes of culture. Government and society step in line. We live in times with time bombs ticking.

Representative government makes for fun irony. One never can represent the whole; a governing body must at times become an unruly jury. The magnification of individuals has the potency for vast social disease, heightened hysteria. Ask any graffiti writer, they all have a story to tell.

To represent, to martyr for, is a shame. Sometimes living with ignominy causes great billows of smoke. But that's what happens when tortured souls show up to rep for the team.

Standing in lines, dispatching patches of time makes for bankrupt correspondence. I file my reports from the holding tanks in locked municipal township buildings across cultural spheres, courtrooms and galaxies so near away.

Tomorrow's landscape is today's earthquake. Justice is in the hands of the media. The court system is an institution for conformance based on partial understanding and bias. Lawyers search for facts, but facts can never be counted on completely for the truth.

I want a world with equality between emotion and intellect. Cigarettes and doughnuts make for quality interrogation time, but it takes more than that for me to dime out my enemies.

The graffiti terrorist alert is at an all time medium, it's locked in at color code primer gray. Where there is graff, there's little terror, but the terrible graffiti continues.

Getting swindled with your eyes open is at least an enlightening experience. Representation overshadows abstraction, but that's a good thing too, some images aren't worth imagining. And some sounds may not be worth hearing. For instance, the metronome of insanity's steady pulse, that innocent tick of a time bomb.

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