Byline: Famous Monsters Part 13: Thirteen Warnings

Buford Youthward

One. Using a language of ascension does not always provide a means to redemption.

Two. A righteous path sometimes leads to the gates of wrath.

Three. Where some find sweetest delight, others find endless night.

Four. Don't mistake myths for revelations.

Five. When stealing fire, sprinkle ashes of ambition like it's nobody's mission.

Six. There is freedom in form and a form of freedom free of fried falsehoods. Find it.

Seven. In the world of music harmony, every two has its five.

Eight. When amplifying human emotion, take care not to jolt too much with a vibrato rock.

Nine. Fiction is fact arranged and charged with purpose. Be wise and choosy in your beliefs and the narratives you consume.

Ten. Sometimes you will have to decide on wanting to live a story or tell a story. We all do both but most of us only do one well enough to matter.

Eleven. Death is not a rumor spread by life.

Twelve. Just as a new day is done, the work will have barely begun.
Be chill in the coolness, write while others sleep.

Thirteen. The silence of the printed page may be the best response to a finished work.

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