Byline: Cardinal Virtues

Buford Youthward

Deciding between an earth worth living for and a heaven worth dying for shakes the nerve endings on itchy triggers.

Voodoo logic is all about knowing there is no such thing as legitimate outlets for passion outside of real life relationships and that there is no such thing as instant gratification.

All great ideas continue to gratify long after initial illumination and innocent rush. Or they wouldn't be great in the first place.

Dumbing down the architecture masquerades as modernism. Clean shapes do not equate with authority. They only fool you into formalities.

Artists need peace to create, graffiti writers need anxiety. Economies of faith fit to order. Half of being smart is knowing what you're dumb at.

Kids in row-homes shout, "down with poverty, up with crime." Laboratories overflow with superfluous smells. Cool scents signal sensational foreboding.

Graffiti is an ongoing experiment because the results are never guaranteed. And just as pride of influence harbors much charm, great flames of anger in gin palaces continue on overheating in dark hours.

Cool kids crafting counterpoint with classic custom chrome and semi-flat black know how to make the backdrop blast it all out. The simple and the dramatic have compounding affect.

Like playing a ballad where the notes drip in time like teardrops. And just as narcotics have a way of stilling time, crafting with your instrument provides a high only end users can know.

Man, the pressure of the thought of playing with no mistakes. Of saying the right thing at the right time all the time. It certainly is easier to write about than actually do. But that is why we are fearless and full of courage false and otherwise.

To find relief amidst dimension and admit dementia to gain some relief is in some way like having to get more catholic than the pope.

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