Byline: Famous Monsters Part 9: Beasts of Frequency

Buford Youthward

Handling with care means to represent with abandon.

When considered, trusted hands try to bring chops and respect to the dim witted idea you had a minute ago, it does disservice and damages delivery. Make way to have your packages arrive in a carefully mangled manner.

Usurp and slurp the spiked Slurpees and stock your slush funds away with the local lush lamping ill lullabies.

Embroiled in identity and cultural crisis, a synthetic aesthetic seeps upon the subconscious. Don't get caught trespassing the light fantastic. Stay suspicious.

No optical treatments alone can create plots searching for conflict or tensions teasing for release at least without imposing sensory limitations in some sort of way.

Obsessing over making things or ideas famous is gold for fools. I got my alchemy on and get moving in the morning, buzzed out on green tea and a love gone blue.

The monsters on sour mash mountain sip their grain and await transformation. The mountain becomes magnified to exaggerate texture. It stays preconditioned for distress in times of stress and emotional renaissance.

The vestigial forces that move all animals are based on vibration. Cool collections of frequencies provide vibrations that fiddle with the present and illuminate the past. No language, music nor mathematics can go unaffected; everything must turn into vibration, sound, light and matter. Every beast is burdened by the beat.

We are all props. Some of us walking with our hearts outside our bodies, others acting like callous castaways raging against rooftop rockers from inside the machine. All of us wanting to weave a better way.

Telling a good story is half the battle. The rest you have to figure out on your own.

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