Byline: Capital Vice

Buford Youthward

Ancient myths and epics were set to music in preparation for generative affects. Focusing on the transfer of a simple human voice and trying to speak honestly within a dishonest world is the ultimate all-ages show for the human race.

If we all looked as we talked then fashion would finally matter. Perception is a process of inference requiring an analysis of probabilities. Becoming conscious of the tampering of the public's consciousness is part of the sweepstakes.

We all can't be champions of virtue or rock stars for a season. Clamoring on the bloated sounds of indie rock oxymoronically released on major labels might have its moments but listening to lyrics as riddles serves little mystery and more often comes off ridiculous. This mournful music the media calls cinematic.

We still watch as the acclaimed rock group fixes fender twins between drum kits and curtained platforms. Sinister forms forebode, searching for the sounds of satisfaction with synthesizers. Now great heroes on late night television pose and bash away snare drums and cymbals making sure no symbols are left standing.

It wasn't too long ago that executive orders cast officers, commissioned and non-commissioned, on a mission to confirm the negative. It's tragic that in a world of burning choices, the decision to stand down seems immoral.

But history makes sure that there's always a national treasure and national treasury to bleed and her wheel keeps spinning, guaranteeing the task of trying to make peace among the broken pieces.

When you're waging war against ideas and sensations, the simplest package wins. The consequence of feeling like a gargoyle roiling with passion filled with petulance and soul is for Sunday morning criticism.

The generative and degenerative aspects of graffiti culture smash in the shadows. Kids don't care about what's going on in the provinces. Night air all looks the same from the perspective of lime green mist. To compose is to reverse engineer frozen judgments not knowing what will or won't be framed for all time.

For graffiti to be reproductive, deductive and productive it can't be learned by rote. For every signature I see, I can always add a little something to the beginning, middle or end and generate something new.

How about you?

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