Byline: Mission Control, Do You Copy

Buford Youthward


Radio static.

Transmission commencing.

Trying to lock down on the chatter coming through the channel is like chasing a shadow. Social fables and science fiction imprint hysteria.

What's left of the world isn't worth warring over. Eden is below your feet and behind your eyes. My garden's got graff for miles.

Market forces determine capitalistic societies. So if reason is boiled down to supply and demand, why not supply oppression to those demanding it? When one society's definition of democracy differs from another why try and change the market? Just re-brand the product. We are entitled to live within our own delusions.

Modern souls filter and leverage information. Knowledge is not power, it's positioning. The only way to get by is by knowing yourself. I rock applications all day long. Graffiti has a way of forcing you to apply yourself. It's like music, once you catch the fever, you're forever restless.

Graffiti is to the art world what the internet is to the music industry. Half the fun in the Name Game is in knowing your product is free. In some ways making the experience more genuine, closer to being true. Perhaps making it more notorious.

Trying to cheat the devil is a contest for the suicidal. Hell bent on business, transaction and purpose, the world of reality is for the taking. Televised versions wilt in comparison.

Killers and martyrs share common reflections. Staring at mirrors has its cost. The content you seek, speaks reams.

Transmission receding.

Radio static.


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