Crimes of Non-Consequence

Buford Youthward

Moving on to crimes of non-consequence is an interesting consideration. Activities or behaviors that are deemed criminal by virtue of their infection are often romanticized. Perhaps gateway crimes and their (de)generative outcomes are deserving of reprimand. But let's keep it in context, please.

Sometimes isolated pieces are more interesting than the completed puzzle. You can get away with more from less. The pursuit of (dis)closure is a source of virility and virtuosity but as all ventures, it's a matter of perspective.

As an author you have to judge how well an experience transfers. That's the learning curve, the process put into motion. Keep in mind, the experience and the idealization or romanticization of the experience are two different things. Take Miles Davis. Did he play the trumpet pretty or play it with the idea of playing pretty?

Anticipation and expectation are the brass rings of any processes. The successful application of personal vision within any medium - film, music, graffiti, poetry, etc. - depends on the navigation of these cornerstones.

The purity of anticipation, the process made personal is artistic utopia. Any twist, any deviation is the DNA of the individual. Formulas abound but the process still shines through.

As a creator sometimes you must live in the shadow of yourself. Detachment dictates that we are creatures bent on dichotomy. Struggling with who we are and who we wish to be. There are no guarantees.

Sometimes it's just better to walk the line, trying to avoid any confrontation with time. Existence continues to flow through treacherous slopes of graffiti and spit.

So maybe it is important to ponder end results. Anticipation and expectation are linked in the decision process. No medium is as scientific as it should be. After all, playing with dice is a game for the gods.

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