Byline: Famous Monsters Part 10: Vampire Rebuff

Buford Youthward

The courtship of danger fixes on the youth market like lemmings to a cliff. Trying to imagine what it is not to imagine, concerned kids mistake romance for trouble.

This omnipresent danger of losing what we are while searching for what we think we will be stretches past good times and stressful episodes. A fool for time's affections, we head toward death from our first breath, keep our conscious in denial and fixate on glossy distractions.

We are easily baited and become prey in innocent ways. The city toughens our skin and the best of us master the municipal mind washing.

Dipping your brush into your soul, twisting your fat cap into your heart, distraught lovers know many a truth is said in the jest of night. The sweet shipwreck in my mind's eye sees icy stares with scores to settle.

Somehow prophets on the trail defeat the coffin nail. Poets on fire, poets on ice trek with disgust and joy across bitter minefields. Confused, contrived, cloudy and devious, false kings front fake crowns and get called out for the fabrications.

Wild with desire, the lonely hunter holds his heart while voices in the forest mimic ecstasy in the stars. Truth be damned for any too scared to tell their tale.

Vampire bats and city sewer rats chase hip city cats right to the crack. Laughing thru the flames, heroes of destruction, villains of creativity seize the biggest stick for the best bargaining.

Every blogger knows the Internet was made for shoplifters. Socially insecure networks exist outside, down line, beyond the gush of feeling while the overlord of pleasure lashes her whip.

Playthings of circumstance are sensitive to despair but know neither life nor death can be conquered. Stark refusals to substitute image for identity is a game for dimwitted beatniks.

Trying too hard to will genius causes ill effects. But all anger gives way to wisdom at some point. Ten years and too many recycled thoughts slip through. The bloodletting continues as the backwash remains.

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