Byline: My Funny Valentine

Buford Youthward

Checking out before you are past due is excusable. Losers find the will to wipe tears. We all have moments when we get lost in the wallpaper. Moving on is not an option.

Love, like war, finds its excuses. No funny valentine can connect the dots, write all wrongs and reserve all rights. Love and war only fool us into believing possibilities of bliss.

To right graffiti one must move in a lot of wrong ways. I station my mindset on temporary numbness to keep me in motion at least momentarily. Train tracks and municipal parks backdrop against loiters and social litter.

Hearts beat heavy a half step from happiness while spirits drag down avenues of longing. A permanent past is little consolation when the future holds nothing more than memories.

I depress no buttons, press down hard to get my come up and look for ways to fulfill a future get over. There are no easy ways out, everyone knows that but it doesn't stop anyone from continuing to look.

Probing eyes and silent tongues make for a wise demeanor. I listen my way past most problems, keeping my mind quick and my speech slow. It's not an original formula but I like banking on consistent results. Use what you got to get what you need to know.

Then there comes that moment ultimate when you've pitted yourself against your shotgun. And the mirror fixes its gaze upon the thing that hurts most.

So good friends deny a goodbye and opt for formal gatherings. Perhaps their spirit looms present while all are present. Sensitive souls deserve respect and rest. May peace be with you. And also with you.

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