State's Evidence

Buford Youthward

Everything has its consequences. The things you eat, the sex you seek, the words you speak. When you listen with intelligence you gravitate toward the genuine.

Faith is the hope to be forgiven, identity overrated. I like to hear more than I say. Information is measured in states of commodity, security is color coded for your protection.

Phlegmatic pedestrians pass by and there seems to be an unspoken honor on the ability to blend in, shrink to fit. As if upsetting apple carts is bad for business, unpatriotic. Sometimes society is guilty of having no class, although there is nothing but class stigma within society.

Everything catches up, gets us back, moves us forward. Faith has a sensitive skin, it doesn't like to be carelessly seated. It wounds easily and the scars are dramatic.

Our greatest faith is in society. The only change that you can affect is cast with a remote control, or the click of a mouse. There is no democracy in media. It's a team sport and teams by their very nature are undemocratic, they are driven by focus. Meeting objectives, setting goals, can be accomplished through democratic means, but the end is always singular.

When big media speaks to me and tells me to rock the vote, don't get mad if I tell you that I don't like to shit where I eat. Democracy is a commodity in a capitalist world, and the more it's supplied the cheaper it is. Please keep your ego to yourself, we all have our own problems.

There are no spells to cast, no surprises to sell. Hitch your faith to a system and you're bound for disappointment. A media bent on decency oversteps duty. Freedom and innocence are fairy tales for those who have never been cited and fined. The conflict of interest between media, regulation, freedom and participation creates an occupation zone of confusion and indecency, a corruption of duty, a dereliction of obligation.

Don't be surprised if you wake up one day to find your self-evident rights turned into protected privileges. But we'll still find a way to make our own escapes. Sometimes a six pack of fun, a commodity, the diversions, the beauty of simplicity make for a good go. Ask any werewolf that you might know.

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