Dysfunction in the Dark

Buford Youthward

...but the world keeps going past next Tuesday and we don't have the luxury or the patience to stand by while the world keeps moving.

We make the commitment to participate. Perhaps it's the path of least resistance. Like walking through midnight. You'd think that it's much easier than walking through a minefield. Sometimes there is no difference.

Overloading on junk and dysfunction isn't a new concept, neither is the naïve innocence of ignorance. You can't go home again, but who wants to anyway? How much has looking backward helped us to see?

You are who you are right now. There is nothing new except the beauty of everything, helping to complete us.

The world tiptoes on eggshells, holding its breath, walking in a nuclear winter wonderland where manipulation is always the first order of business. And with the rubberband effect of the media's steady supply of paranoia, euphoria blitz, I try to care.

The act of getting schooled and the schooling; to be versed in graffonomics and cast in the spotlight of getting versed, gives you the right to be free. And the time to improvise.

Freedom can mean optional identity. Interchangeable persona. Freedom is the right to lie in different colors. So long as you exercise the proper freedom to conform and complete the recommended paperwork.

Human communication can be a complicated mix. Three parts desire, two parts need and one part spray paint. Add some miscue, misunderstatement.

You are who you are right now. You are no longer the person that just read this. Time to move.

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