Byline: Knowledge, Belief, Meaning

Buford Youthward

Looking back it will always be easy to see little clues often lead to big discoveries.

When words become ideas in states of suspended animation and dictionaries feel like collections of short stories all language will break down to its quasi-religious experiences.

Regarding degrees of truth and simplicity let me put it to you this way. Make living up to your name the most special game and get it spoken with the most beautiful language your century affords.

Cocaine and politicians never go away, they constantly catch up mashing up what already exists using non-postmodern existentialistic poses rather than gleaning a greater gestation of the whole.

On a band aid budget I bang out the door beating down for more band aids. I grab a genuine focus and inhabit the text. Just when you think all the hyper cool fools are done acting the fool and exhibiting a group nihilism of no less than seven punk rock tribes, in comes walking the latest greatest. And it's got the flashiest eyes.

Might be a sign letting you know now's the best time to turn your gardens into rifle ranges. At most of the major combat outposts we are always hostage to our geography. But where there is no trouble, there's no story, no death, no life. Nothing considered nor conjured. Winner takes all, loser leaves town.

Well tempered werewolves whip up and ship out, but unlike our great fathers, saints we ain't. Superficial to the substantial but knowing it's authentic if it's meant and felt, I trip and go dialing up discomfort in the world where songs should be the soundtrack of dreams.

A man of letters, a woman of words obfuscate for the flow, leave love in a laboratory and take shamble dances in the night then charge off ravaging books like dirty crooks. You can control what you do but you can't control the results.

You can fight fire with fire but water works best.

The sea refuses no river. Frozen in emotion it tells a story, becomes a wave moving thru love. To feel, to emote is subsidy to production and inspiration.

No sage sits spinning immense sagas without the writing standing in for knowledge, belief, meaning. So now go know.

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