Byline: Public Sentencing

Buford Youthward

Sentences fall out of books and pamphlets, out of mouths unsure of thought and consequence. People tend to speak before they think of the right words to affect a sentence effectively. The tendency to think with our mouths open is risky. Sentences ultimately are ours for the abusing.

Freedom of thought is still unregulated, freedom of speech and freedom to act, great felonies. To test freedom, the hero/villain crosses a great divide between comfort and contortion. I maintain that trespassing through the division develops character.

Human character necessitates communication by analogy. Myths and dreams are examples of psychology misread as history and biography. When we speak and act, articulate with calculated sentences or miscalculated emotion, we enter the universal by way of codification and adaptation. No entrance exams are required. We swim in the same stew.

Communication abuse is often blind, perhaps naïve. The mistreatment of language and its tools is an ongoing investment. The bylines are far from clean, far from innocence. But we take pleasure in our guilt. Pursue our pursuits like a casual correspondent on a quest for questions.

Choosing to secure sentences on websites deemed criminal subjects me to public sentencing. Maybe not all art is considered criminal but all crime is certainly artistic. A premeditated procurement of intent and purpose requires a certain degree of talent and creativity. But who are the real criminals?

Perhaps it's the chicken hawks hawking money off others' blood. The loudest conservative critics of all things relative to liberty and media are laughable as few have patronized themselves in the interest of patriotism. It's easy to shout down the ladder from the rooftop of security, but turning your lip service into action requires a bit more than deferred courage. Opportunity is never equal especially in a spot that tries to regulate equal opportunity.

Indictments indicate presumption of guilt. No document, no constitution can dispute that. The privilege of innocence is suspended. Restoration fees are not forthcoming.

Paragraphs rich with meaning are greater than the sentences contained within. Words within sentences contain cancers and cures in terms of comprehension. Language is a feast for the bright and bemused alike. The abuse of sentences is never ending.

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