Byline: Report from the Abyss

Buford Youthward

Dogs of eternity howl in the wind while saxophones blow from dark shadows through Saturday night. Some great harmonic truth floats across the chord changes, a desperate call of the wild, a rhapsody for rebels.

Living by sense and instinct, moonlight monsters revolt against their midnight confessions and move to make meaning out of the madness. Refining conscious intentions to gain control over the outcome of your actions sounds more like science than art.

The secret to making men vulnerable is to strip them of their secrets. But the real secret is there are no secrets. Truth may be that man is invincible once all of his secrets are exposed.

You can sneak over the top or under the bottom, either way you go, go ahead and try it. See how far you get. Find out if you can write yourself out of your own cultural patterns. Test the danger.

You overcome fear by doing. Connecting to who you are is about doing things not having things. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Still, you should plan your work then work your plan no matter how hard in the mouth you get hit.

All the greats know limitations create inspiration. Not everyone inspired by music or art is frightened of the life required to create such things. Many are. We all have to serve but pity those that serve as examples.

When you make a choice you immediately rule out infinity. In the laboratory searching for a new chemistry, the glory of heaven, the sorrow of earth, remember to ask what's it worth?

The tools of graffiti are not spray paint and markers rather dreams and symbols. Extending your self is authentic pleasure beyond one's economy which in today's reality is one's face, fate, faith. Joseph Campbell meets Campbell Soup in the stew of modern culture.

The fabric of reality is always conflict no matter how sincere your sacrifice for quiet grace and dignity. Amidst drama and dysfunction I report from the abyss and confirm the need to get up in order to get down is still around.

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