All artwork © copyright 2006 the artists. Photos thanks to Cern.YMI crew, New York. Please send caption corrections to and mention Cern 1.

Cern Cern

Space, Cern - NYC 2005

Trafik (Australia), Ket, Cern, Atome (Australia)

Cern, Space, Ewok, Hike (Switzerland), Doves, Cekis (Chile) - Brooklyn 2006

Mr Never, Ghost, Cern, Atome, Hike, Trafik

Sek3, Space, Names, Cekis, Cern, Dome (Germany), Made (Italy) - Brooklyn 2005

NYC Meeting of Styles - Bronx 2006

Stem, Indie, Erotica, Clark, Toofly, Cern, Themo, Rath, Cope2 - Brooklyn 06

Trafik, Noah, Cope2, Shadow (France), Atome, Cern, Ink76, Cris (France), Sonic, Webs (France), ?? Milwaukee - Brooklyn 06


Toofly, Cope2, Indie, Space, Ewok, Jonone, Cern, West, Daze, T-Kid - 182 Street & St Nicholas, Washington Heights, Manhattan - 2006 (photo thanks to Toofly)

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