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Artwork is © copyright 2010 the artists. See Dare's site at www.dare.ch and vonkoeding.ch and his original pages on Art Crimes starting here. Please send corrections and additions to yo@graffiti.org .

Photos thanks to Daim, in Hamburg, Germany:

bigger in Basel, trackside, where he painted most

Dare.TWS, also known as Sigi von Koeding, from Basel, Switzerland, died suddenly from cancer March 6, 2010. He was loved by all for his generous and kind ways, his unassuming manner, and his irrepressible sense of humor. His graceful wildstyle is characterized by his passion for precision and his masterful color sense. He carefully documented his paintings to create a complete history of his own work, which we hope will eventually be published by his friends and family. Before his death he achieved many of his goals, including becoming a successful, free artist and curating the Carhartt Gallery in Germany where he showcased many of his friends' amazing works. Dare was one of the most famous writers in Europe, and he influenced style globally. His favorite pieces from 2009.

Dare was my friend, and I miss him terribly, as all his friends and family do. It is very difficult to lay a friend to rest, and we are all struggling to come to terms with the loss of this wonderful person in our lives, much too soon and way too abruptly.

Many of us are very concerned that his illness may have been caused by inhaling paint and fumes over the years. Please, wear respirators when you paint. It may well save your own life, but it can also help others remember to protect themselves.

This memorial section on Art Crimes is a work in progress. Please send in memorial pieces and remembrances as you wish, to yo@graffiti.org for inclusion. Thanks to all who have contributed. - Susan Farrell, Art Crimes

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Thanks to Letruc, in France:

collage Dare Tribute in Mantes-la-ville 25/04/2010 by Darco, Brok, Stack, Ogre, Cole, Dense, AlexOne, and others - photo by JC Biker

Thanks to Persue, in California USA:

DARE Tribute - SCIEN x PERSUE x KLOR from Mike Limestro on Vimeo.

Bates and Tiws, in Denmark

Dare tribute by Center, in Florida USA

Dare tribute by Ogre, Alexone, Sane2, Dense, in Paris, France

Dare memorial by Wow123 and ecb in Koblenz, Germany

Dare RIP by Victor, in Modesto, CA USA

Dare RIP by Krohe and Nol from Belarus

Dare memorial by Mr.Zero and Böki - in Eger, Hungary

Dare tribute wall by Jasy, Atome, Chez, Swaze, Mistery - in Australia

RIP Sigi by Kero - in Balboa, Spain

Dare RIP by Dexa - in Portugal

Photos by Daim:

with ? and Toast
with Kesy and Toast
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