Writers in London don't often get to see much running on the tubes, generally it's just undersides or quick bush bombs that let us know the system is still getting it's hits. Here is a small collection of assorted yard and running damage, featuring :

Cosa, Pies, Nevah, System, Klok, Slam, Sweeny Todd, Neker, Tase, Some, Dame, Reas, Skan, DOS crew, MTS crew, Viv, Viso & Kooza

Ak?0 (Northern) Slam (Northern) Shogi (Northern)
Diph (Lil Met) Diph (Northern) Only (Northern)
Mez (Northern) Spar (Northern) Rims (Northern)
Shogi (Northern) Diph (District) Rim (Northern)

Last issue we featured some fresh DLR action, and this month we have one more for you.
Bombaclart in the yard

We finish off the tubes section with a couple of South Harrow wholecars from 1997. We've published the angle shots in previous issues, but the connectors look a whole lot better!!
Teach & Zonk
RaTeach & Elk