This has been by far and away the hardest issue to put together. If we were putting together a trains special with photos of just the stuff we'd seen running, then you'd be looking at about 10 photos.

However, we've got on the case and nudged at lot people for their photos and we've managed to get a good selection of train actions from all around the UK. We've also thrown in some foreign hits that we'd been sitting on for a while.

Thanks to everyone who sorted us out with their shots, without them this issue would be very empty!! Enjoy.
Daz, Vineo & Daza AAA hits on retired Northern Line stock
Bue CBK on a retired Northern Jobe LB in South Harrow


A quick word about the next issue ... it will be released sometime before December 7th. It's 100% illegal actions and will be rammed with everything from tags, throw-ups, silver pieces and more. We're covering the whole London tube network line by line as well as running special features on some writers. As ever, any contributions will be welcomed to the usual address ( or by post to Digital Jungle, PO Box 12764, London SE19 1ZJ.

On with the actions .....