APRIL 1999


It's that time of the year for buffing again .... several spots around London have been cleaned with the most notable being Royal Oak, Westbourne Park and Richmond tracksides.

Fume Bosh Zonk

It's been a busy couple of months in the media. Firstly, a number of 'trainspotting' magazines have been featuring exposés on graf. The March issue of Railway Magazine featured a four page spread on "vandalism" including lots on graf. Also in the same mag towards the back was a small article on the Christmas Skipton raid plus a photo of the end to end wholetrain. Rail magazine for the period 24th March to 6th April has a two page spread entitled "The Real Cost of Graffiti".

Also making it to press in the March issue of the soft-porn mag, Front, was a nice article about Nema. It features some very tasty, previously unpublished action shots.

On the TV we've had 'Graffiti Wars' come and go. Not much to say about that. Also clocked a short film called 'Tribe', about some Welsh hip-hop heads on BBC 2. Worth a mention.

Around town it's been business as usual. Loads of new bombing action all around the London Bridge, Waterloo, Charing Cross. Sporadic actions in the Halls of Fame .. Tufnell, Plaistow, Tottenham and Grove Park receiving the most attention. Camden is seeing an upturn but mostly from visitors from abroad.

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