JUNE 1999

Dest (Sutton) Petro TFW Shu2 (Crouch End)
Choe (Plaistow) Krum (New Malden) Kezah (Newcastle)

As ever N-igma has been brought to you by Dek.

Special thanks go out to Oner, Anoe, Khans, Saer, Memo, Krel, Dier, Piz, TPG, Mist One, Emit, Jyer, Sykz, Rough, Ziml, Daps and any others I can't recall off the top of my head for contributing in some way to this issue.

You can contact me via email at dan@graffiti.org or you send your shit to us at the following address :

  c/o Digital Jungle
  PO Box 12764
  London SE19 1ZJ

Generally speaking, anything sent to us will be published (as long as it's from the UK) and if you want your stuff returned then remember to include a return address. Photo trades are always welcomed.

The next issue will hit your screen on the 31st July, 1999